Friday, July 18, 2014

Songs That Remind Me of Summer

Friday's Forgotten Books, Friday, July 18, 2014

 Todd Mason will collect the links the next two weeks as I take a break. Thanks, Todd.

Wake in Fright, Kenneth Cook

Saw the film of this a few weeks ago and my lovely library system sent away for the book, which was found at MSU. It is almost exactly like the movie, except for the end. And I think the ending of the movie is actually stronger.

A schoolteacher in the distant reaches of the outback in AU is on his way to Sidney when he is waylaid at one of the strangest towns on earth. The Yabba, as it is shortened, is full of gambling, boozing, hunting men, who bring our already susceptible hero to his knees in almost every way. And yet they really are hospitable in many ways, crazy about this forsaken town. Is the evil within or without?

This is a dark book but the writing is so crisp and clean, the pages fly by. You will both loathe and pity John by the book's end.

Sergio Angelini, THE TAMARIND SEED, Evelyn Anthony
Yvette Banek, D. E. Stevenson
Joe Barone, TO DARKNESS AND TO DEATH, Julia Spencer Fleming
Brian Busby, RETALIATION, Richard Rohmer
Bill Crider, LUST QUEEN, Don Elliott
Martin Edwards, THE HOURS BEFORE DAWN, Celia Fremlin
Curt Evans, THE LETHAL SEX, edited by John d. Macdonald
Ed Gorman, THE QUAKING WIDOW, Robert Colby
Rick Horton, THE NIGHT OF TEMPTATION, Victoria Cross
Jerry House, THE BEST OF WEIRD TALES, ed. Marvin Kaye and John Gregory Betancourt
Randy Johnson, BUBBA HO-TEP, Joe R. Lansdale
Nick Jones. THE ART OF NEIL GAIMAN, Hayley Campbell
Margot Kinberg, THE FRONT SEAT PASSENGER, Pascal Garnier
Rob Kitchin, WASHINGTON SHADOW, John Murray
B.V. Lawson, THE MIDNIGHT PLUMBER, Maurice Proctor
Evan Lewis, DAY OF THE RAM, William Campbell Gault
Steve Lewis/Marvin Lachman, ANGEL ESQUIRE, Edgar Wallace
Todd Mason, PS #1, April 1966
J.F. Norris, BLUE HORSE OF TAXCO, Kathleen Moore Knight
James Reasoner, DEATH DOLL HOUSE, Day Keen
Ron Scheer, THE SPOILERS, Rex Beach
Kevin Tipple/Patrick Ohl, THE FALSE INSPECTOR DEW, Peter Lovesey
TomCat, ODDITIES, Rupert T. Gould
Tracyk, DOUBLE FOR DEATH, Rex Stout
Zybahn, SHADOW OF A BROKEN MAN, George Chesbro